i don’t normally make posts like this, but for the sake of my fellow monster-lovers, i feel it’s my civic duty:

Venom was a fantastic movie, holy hell, go see it & don’t believe the bad critic reviews.

long story short & no spoilers, but this absolutely turned out to be one of those cases where the bad reviews are largely coming from the point of fanboys being mad that the interpretation wasn’t a gritty grim dark bloody angst fest (which, one, the movie’s PG-13 so no duh it wasn’t going to be extremely gorey, and two, if you watch the trailers it really gives you the vibe of the movie very accurately).

seriously, if you like monsters, if you like shenanigans where monsters and humans figure out how to…. operate together, if you like hilarious amounts of sass and excellent comedic timing from Tom Freaking Hardy, then go see this movie.

Everyone’s been saying it came straight from 2004, and I’m trying to see how that was a BAD thing. Did the fanbois forget the original Spiderman’s success allowed Marvel to even consider making Ironman? 

I’ve been trying to fight off the blues lately. Went and saw Venim last night.

The character fight scenes and chases are very good, and must have been fun to make, but they go on and on.

The rest of the movie is clever, the scenes in Malaysia are edgy, the billionaire biotech villain a nice cross between Elon Musk’s manic vision and Zuckerberg’s callous inhumanity, and the growing intimacy between the alien and Tom Hardy’s character are intriguing and… almost sweet?

The entangled but vanilla romantic tangle between the hero, his ex, and her new boyfriend are handled with stunning maturity and grace. All three are generous to each other where most scripts would play them for laughs and/or cliche vengeance.

I’m still wrestling with the blues but I liked the movie quite a bit. Glad I went.