Now who in the fuck put the equal between lingerie and a submissive (I’ve seen it too much on this site to take “nobody does” argument)? Bitch I will wear elegant lace lingerie, stockings and chockers, but dominate the Hell out of you untill you can’t even utter my name in between of cries and whimpers.

Wait.  What?  Lingerie = submissive?  As the stereotype?  i mean, yeah, I definitely believe it’s a stereotype.  But when it comes to sex there are some seriously bullshit stereotypes compared to reality, aren’t there?  Like the popular but incredibly stupid idea that it’s “not “submissive” to be physically on top of your partner during sex, or that it’s “not submissive” to receive oral sex!  

I sprain my eyeballs from rolling them every time I hear one of those!  They’re going to fly right out of my head if lingerie = submission!  

Not to continue a recent trend but imagining only Subs wear lingerie – maybe because lots of Subs wear lingerie in porn –  is as stupid as assuming all Doms dress like janitors because that’s how the Doms do it on

Eye. Ball. Roll!

Rule #5: don’t do it like they do it in porn.