Oh come on like you’d be okay with some queer boy cuddling on you or changing in front of one of their kind. You have limits, stop trying to act all high and mighty. I don’t want some guy hugging on me knowing he’s got a woody from it.





Dude, didn’t you tell me a couple of weeks back that you were going to unfollow me? Because I was pretty happy about that.

Yes, I’d be absolutely fine changing in front of “some queer boy”. I had gay teammates in sports growing up. I know for a fact that some people who go to my gym are gay. I’ve never had a problem changing clothes in front of them, or giving them a hug. Because I can separate sexual nudity and touching from non-sexual nudity and touching. (And not just with guys either, plenty of my female friends have been naked in front of me without having any reason to worry that I was thinking of them sexually.) It’s part of being a normal, well-adjusted adult. Whiiiiich….it doesn’t really sound like you are.

Grow up, my dude. Literally nobody is impressed by your homophobia.

And seriously, unfollow me. Please.

the only thing grosser and fucking ignorant than the phrase “queer boy” here is “their kind”.

anon, sir was much kinder than to you in this response than you deserve, you absolute bigoted dipshit. i would have blocked your hateful ass the second time you ever contacted me.

please, just go away.

The funniest thing about guys like this is that they are SO worried about gay men being attracted to them…

News flash asshole: gay men haven’t been programmed by society to base their worth on whether or not they are in a relationship with a man (unlike heterosexual women) so the odds of them settling for someone like you are slim and none and none is out of town. Rest easy bro you’re safe. ????

right on, @redmachasacorns.

Jesus!  Most men over maybe 14 years old can hug a very sexy woman without getting a goddamn boner.  What makes homophobes imagine they’re such walking examples of sex on a stick that gay men are going to get boners for them?

Never mind all the obvious, non-Alex-Jones-conspiracy-theory reasons straight men are at basically zero risk from gay men.  And never mind basic decency, courtesy, or tolerance. That’s not what this is about!

It’s about guys waddling around imagining their bods so eyepoppingly hot other men can’t keep their hands off them.

Ahaha.  Ahahahah!!!

Good luck with that.