Ok.  Just asking out of idle curiosity here but…

If this wasn’t porn do you think he’d have his foot up like that?

I mean, just because I’ve had sex in any number of circumstances doesn’t mean I know all the ways to enhance my pleasure or my partners.

Yes, yes, the #1 rule of porn is show the pussy, and if there’s a dick show it in or near somebody’s pussy, ass, or mouth.  And so it’s hyper common to see really, um, unsatisfying ways to have sex that follow that rule.

But then the whole point of porn is how things look, not how they feel!

I’ve had enough experience to pretty much guarantee having a leg up like is extraordinarily unlikely to feel better than if both his feet were solidly planted behind her.

But of course since that would feel very good but violate the first rule of porn then up goes the leg and to hell with the muscle cramps!

My rule, by the way?  Rule #5?  Don’t do it like they do it in porn.