Opinion on ddlg? Opinion on littles? Opinion on chubby submissives/littles?

Wait.  Seriously!  

Opinion: DD/Lg, which I’m not really into, is a perfectly fine variation on D/S where the distributed authority is expressed in the dynamics (but not actual, eww, genetics) of a parental relationship.  Unfair nutshell version: spanking is punishment that may not be enjoyed sexually by either party but is nevertheless satisfying in terms of the relationship bonds.

Opinion: Littles are awesome.  Unless they’re actually, you know, little.  In which case they can still be awesome, admirable, smart, loyal, brave, and on and on… but shouldn’t be those things with an adult Caregiver.

Opinion: “Chubby” Subs and Littles are awesome.  Where “chubbiness” isn’t particularly relevant.  Or gender/identity/orientation/etc.  Nor is experience.  Nor is age.  Being Little or Submissive is a kink.  You don’t turn a magic age and then no longer have a kink.  You don’t turn a magic weight and then no longer have a kink.  It’s a goddamn kink!  You’ve either got it or you don’t!  You might not realize it till you’re old af, the way I didn’t realize I’ve got a Daddy kink.  But that might mean that, like me, you’re just a really slow learner!  And you might realize after a bit that the kink you thought you had wasn’t quite it, the way I never quite felt right being a “Dom,” because I’m, um, not one.  But that doesn’t mean you start having it, or stop.  

Opinion part 2: “Chubby” Subs and Littles are Subs and Littles.  With a particular body type.  A body type that was extraordinarily popular before roughly World War II and that, in the West, for some reason (ranging from class, to marketing to Freudian Death Drive, to society-wide failure to reconcile Nazi death camps, to even sillier notions like ahahaha! evolutionary psychology) has not been as fashionable.  Consequently “chubby” Subs and Littles in post-WWII western civilization face exactly the same social and relationship behaviors people of weight experience whether they’re kinky as hell or vanilla as tap water. No worse but unfortunately also no better.