Let’s face it, your woman’s idea of the perfect date night may be all about romance, but yours is all about seeing her being taken by that sexy stud next door while she sucks your cock… – S

Worth a reblog

That’s one seriously gendered meme, huh?  But really, for almost everybody it’s comparing apples and  oranges  ice fishing.

Like most women, most men actually enjoy walks in the park, conversation, dinner and a movie, and lots of cuddling and kissing.  And like a relatively small number of men, a relatively small number women like “hotwife” three-ways with strangers.  


Many of those who like “hotwife” threeways also like romantic one-on-one dates.

Because one doesn’t exclude the other, does it?  In fact “hotwife” threeways isn’t really dating at all, is it?

Yeah, yeah, it’s Tumblr porn, not real life.  And narrow-fetish porn so not even all Tumblr porn!

Nothing wrong with a “naughty side.”  Not even anything wrong with catering to the your partner’s fetishes or fantasies.  But you could easily turn the meme around and suggest he “get with the program.”

It’s tough having real, psychological-not-just-kink fetishes.  Even tougher when your fetish depends on someone else’s behavior to cater to it!  I’m not going to mock people for their fetishes.  But, yeah, it’s pretty common for serious fetishists to imagine that everyone should share theirs.  And that?  That I’m not very patient with at all.