Being a girl in this world is honestly so strange like do u know how much we miss out on because we are scared? How much of the night We don’t get to see because walking around alone is too dangerous? Do u notice the way girls walk at night, and does your heart hurt when U see them quicken their pace and lower their gaze when men walk past? Mine does


It ought to be soooo fucking unnecessary.  But even in some of the safest countries in the world for women it’s still fucking not safe enough for a woman to be out by herself.  And as for the rest of the world?

Like the old meme says, men are afraid women will laugh at them; women are afraid they’ll be killed walking down the street.  

The trick, by the way, is not to say “I wish I could rescue every woman.”  That’s, um, more of the same problem.  Because that’s also kind of taking a proprietary attitude towards women, isn’t it?  (Hint: better to ask what you could do before anybody needs rescuing.  And chances are… pretty good chance actually… that the answer might be “talk to other guys.”)

And as always I’m not saying this because I’m an enlightened saint.  It’s because I’m not!  I say these things to keep the right thing in my face too.  (If you’re a guy can do that too.)