(Part 2 of 2) I’m reaching out to get others opinions, just need a light bulb moment for me. He is incredibly patient and even mentioned throwing the whole D/s thing out but I’d like to try. Just don’t like the idea of having one more person to “submit” to and them having the authority to “correct” me, especially if I agreed to it. That part makes me feel dumb (that I agreed) as all get out because why would I place myself under yet another persons authority when I know I can do it by myself?


It’s important to understand that some people are only “bedroom subs” and “bedroom Doms,” aka “bottoms” and “Tops.” And that is absolutely 100% okay, as long as both partners in the relationship know what the relationship is and what it is not

More isn’t automatically better. More than you’re comfortable with is actually worse!

24/7/365 D/S works for some people but it’s not the standard against which all others should be judged.

And omg 24/7 is really not the standard against which anyone’s should judge themselves!