People who are like “asking for consent ruins the moment” have no imagination.


Like, I’m sorry, but purring “do you want it?” into your partner’s ear before you fuck is hot.

Looking into your partner’s eyes and asking “may I?” in a voice breathy with desire before you kiss them is super hot.

and “Do you want me to pin you up against this wall and fuck you till you’re screaming my name?” is just basically dirty talk.

What the actual fuck is wrong with you?  If asking for consent ruins sex you’re what?  A rapist who sucks at talking dirty?  

Is that a demographic whose fun we care about ruining?

This! Learn this! Teach this! To your boys, and not all girls automatically get the concept either, tbh. Learn to expect it. Teach others to expect it.

Silent “moves"are the worst even when you DO have clear consent. Because even with consent it’s boring at best.

Saying and asking are automatically anywhere from romantic to deeply hot.