Princess Depression





Daddy: *In the kitchen making chicken nuggets for lunch*

Me: *Upstairs under the sheets hugging Mr. Snuggles*

Daddy: *puts a plate of chicken nuggets on the table*

Daddy: *yells* Princess Lunch Time

Me: *yells back* I’m not hungry

Daddy: *confused and walks upstairs to my room*

Daddy: *steps into my room* Princess you have to eat

Me:*groans* I’m not hungry

Daddy: Kitten are you okay?

Me: *stays silent*

Daddy: *sits in my bed and rubs my back*

Daddy: Kitten you can tell me if you’re not okay, you won’t be in trouble

Me: *grumbles* Leave me alone

Daddy: You have to eat something, Kitten get up

Daddy: *Attempts to pick me up*

Me: *pushes Daddy off the bed* Leave me the fuck alone… I’m not hungry

Daddy: *gets angry but calms himself*

Daddy: *in a stern voice* Princess its not nice to push people off the bed, its not nice to push people at all… And what have I told you about cursing

Me: *begins to cry* I’m sorry Daddy

Daddy: *gets off the floor and picks me up and sit me on his lap*

Daddy: *rubbing my back* Its alright baby girl, just eat and tell Daddy what’s wrong

Me: *crying* I’m just really really sad for no reason

Daddy: *kisses the side of my head* Its alright Kitten, you’re just a little depressed

Me: *continue to cry*

Daddy: Shhh, its alright baby girl, Daddy’s here to fight off all the bad aliens invading your mind

Me: *giggles and sniffles*

Daddy: How about I take you into my room and bring your chicken nuggets to you with hot chocolate in your sippy cup?

Me: *nods* Okie

Daddy: *carries me into his room and lays me on the bed making sure I’m comfortable*

Daddy: What movie do you want to watch?

Me: *rubs my eyes* Monsters Inc.

Daddy: Okay *kisses my forehead*

Daddy: *quickly puts in the movie before running downstairs*

Daddy: *makes hot chocolate using daddy powers and re-warm the chicken nuggets*

Me: *gets out of the bed and takes off all my little clothes and goes in Daddy closet*

Daddy: *Walks upstairs with my sippy cup full of hot chocolate and my chicken nuggets*

Daddy: *Walks into the room* Kitten where are you?

Me: *still in closet* Trying to find my favorite Daddy shirt

Daddy: *chuckles and sits my stuff on the night stand*

Daddy: You’re looking for this one *holds up the Panic! At The Disco band shirt*

Me: *walks out the closet nodding*

Daddy: *pulls the shirt over my body before picking me up*

Daddy: Let’s watch the movie

Me: *nods grabbing my sippy cup and drinking the hot chocolate as Daddy feeds me chicken nuggets*

Daddy: I love you baby girl, don’t forget it

Me: I won’t Daddy, I love you too

Daddy: *snuggles me and watches the movie*

This made me cry okay

Crying so hard right now.. cause this is happening to me but my daddy isn’t with me..

Crying mega hard

Gotta do this part too.