Problems with Daddies

Some people really get off on being heedlessly used, called worthless, told they’re not even worth “cum dumpstering in” and so on.  Just behaving toward them not only with casual cruelty but total disregard.  I expect those who have that kink find it fabulously erotic and more power to them.  

Maybe having been an actual father to my own children before I became a Daddy has me missing the point.  But, yeah, pretty sure if a “daddy” has that kind of attitude towards their little/middle/younger then… maybe they should rethink their category.  Maybe switch to “Dom” or “Sadist?”  Or maybe power-gradient/humiliation-play top?

Because sort of the whole point of being a Daddy is actually fucking caring about your littles/middles/youngers. 

Anyway, folks with cruelty/neglect/humiliation kinks probably aren’t going to consistently find what they’re looking for in the Daddy/Little age space.