Proving a point to my boyfriend.





PLEASE REBLOG if you (male or female) believe it is perfectly okay and natural for a guy of any age to cry

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I cried yesterday

Tell your guy it’s ok. I’m 51 and have cried more in the last 3 yeards than I have my entire life… It is okay..and it doesn’t make you any less of a boy or man.

#1 Alexander the Great, who was manly enough to conquer the entire known world, cried genuine salt-water tears when told he had no more lands to conquer

#2 In the Iliad, King Priam and Zeus himself cry with grief

#3 In the medieval poem The Song of Roland, we learn that “The lords of France are weeping bitter tears / And 20,000 [knights] faint in their grief and fall” when they hear of Roland’s death.

#4 The 12th Century Samurai poem The Tale of Heike has the line “Of all who heard, friend or foe, not one but wept until his sleeves were drenched” about the death of a commander in chief

#5 I cry every time they play the Star Spangled Banner at a small-college or goddamn high-school football game.  Same with My Country Tis of Thee.

#6 Tell your boyfriend that he’s going to cry, hard, the first time he holds his newborn child, and that it will be the best feeling in the world, and that he will never doubt that it’s perfectly ok and natural for a man of any age to cry.

#7 Tell him he will also cry at least as hard when the child leaves home for college (or for a job, marriage, the army, to just be on their own) and while that one will not be the best feeling in the world it will be the only mature way to ease the proud, wistful, longing, empty ache in his heart.