Psa Rant for DOMS

  1. If you call yourself a dom and you meet a sub online and the first thing you do when you msg her/him is immediately start pretending to be their dom YOU ARE NOT A FUCKING DOM!
  2. If your a dom and your sub is constantly acting out dont immediately punish them every time have a meta talk find out if something has happened and find out if your sub is unhappy.
  3. If your a dom and you feel like you might not be all that great or feel like you have been doing something wrong check out @instructor144 and @sir-daddys-fun-house-returns they are both great dom tumblrs and they both know their stuff and have followers who can also help.

This rant was brought on by the fact that i met a sub on Fetlife and it seema like every dom she is meeting is just trying to force their own d/s type onto her and she is really new to this lifestyle so its just sending me into pissed off mode so had to get this out thanks all you pervs and pervettes for listening.

Tka out <3

I’m confident no one who reads this blog is so gauche as to do such a thing.  But do pass the word on.  

Back in the 1980s when someone asked Judith Martin, the old Miss Manners columnist, how to reply when introduced to a gay couple, answered simply “How do you do?  How do you do?”

This is also how you introduce yourself to a Sub, a Daddy, a Masochist, a Dom, a Little, or just a plain old vanilla person.  “How do you do.”  

Not “How do you do, Little girl.”  Not “You will address me as Sir.”  Not “Hi Daddy, I’m horny.”  Not any of those things.

Even if you’re interested in flirting with them, address the person first.

And dear, sweet mother of pearl, if you’ve got any one of the realm-of-discipline kinks then how you exercise self-control in the first encounters lets them know how much control you can exercise when the going gets bad, sure, but also when the going gets really, really good.  So really, even if you’re the domliest Daddy ever, or the sassiest Brat, you probably don’t want your first interaction to be your last.