If you are going at it 69 and your girl is sucking your dick with perfect precision…You, my friend, are not eating that pussy correctly.

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Exactly why 69 is just an inferior position.



Huh?  Wait a minute!  That’s not why 69′s inferior!  

Here’s a corollary PSA: if you’re going at it 69 and your man is eating your pussy with perfect precision… you, my friend, are not sucking that dick correctly.

Either way… what, exactly, is the problem?!?!?

Back in the 1960s they still believed that sex was “legitimate” only if the couples had “simultaneous orgasms.”  Mostly from fucking.

And since it’s harder to concentrate on oral when you’re receiving it, if the goal is “simultaneous orgasms” then, yeah, 69′s not that awesome.

But let’s restate that PSA another way and see if why @pain4pleazure’s PSA is more of a statement than a judgment.

  • If you are going at it 69 and she isn’t sucking your dick correctly… you, my friend, are eating that pussy with perfect precision.  And/or 
  • If you are going at it 69 and he isn’t eating your pussy correctly… you, my friend, are sucking his dick with perfect precision.

What if the goal of 69 isn’t to come simultaneously?  What if instead…

  • You see it as a competition to see who can give their partner so much pleasure their partner’s focus and concentration is completely destroyed?
  • You’re like most couples and do 69 to get each other even more hot instead of to get both of you off?
  • You’re taking turns overwhelming your partners with the sensations of your mouth on them and the sights, smells, taste, and feel of your naughty bits.
  • It just feels more intimate to be resting your face on your partner’s inner thigh, embracing them and softly mouthing or kissing them, while they go down on you.  As opposed to be lying back staring at the wall or ceiling while their whole body is down around your feet?

One final restatement:

If your partner’s going down on you the regular way and they’re eating or sucking you with precision… you, my friend, aren’t doing shit for them, correctly or incorrectly, beyond maybe holding their head and saying “ooooohhhhh.”

Bottom line, though: if you’re doing 69 and you’re partner’s completely lost the plot?  Nice work, you’re ringing their chimes.  With perfect precision.