Re-blog if you are a Dom or Sub that believes men and women are equals. Fuck all this women are inferior to men bullshit I see floating around Tumblr. Women should be treated with respect at all times. Even more so, if she decides to gift her submission to you. I’m a Dom, I’m also a feminist. Submission is a gift, not a right!

Enlightened thinking.

Source: @fantasies-of-a-dominant


If you don’t think men and women are equal you’re not a Dom or a Sub, you’re an abuser and either a victim or codependent.  No doubt.

I’m going to push hard on the “Submission is a gift” meme though.  Because it’s still got a lot of gender assumptions baked in.  (Case in point: how often do you hear a male Sub or female Dom say “His submission is a gift?”)  

I mean it’s an awesome first step to call it a gift, because it sure as hell isn’t an entitlement!  But that’s still making it a somewhat unilateral benefit for the (usually presumed to be male) Dominant.

Instead Submission is a conscious decision.  It’s a choice.  It’s “I want to have sex with you this way because this way makes me hot.”  That’s what capable, autonomous human beings do.

Once you look at it that way the whole “gift” thing starts to sound silly.  Once you accept that men and women are equal partners and equal citizens in the world, and once you get that Submission is a motivated, self-interested choice, then it would be just as valid to say that Domination is a “gift.”  Right?  Right!