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let’s see how many transphobics we can weed out

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I have a trans friend and he and his wife are some of my closest friends. I have friends of all orientations, genders, and relationship types. Seriously, people. It’s not that hard to accept people for who they are.

Back in the waning years of the last century, I did the gym rat thing, mostly powerlifting. There was a loose collection of us, we got to know each other on a nodding-acquaintance level. A handful I was tighter with, including Wash, a solid squatter. One day I was peripherally aware that I hadn’t seen him around for awhile, and asked one of the others.

“You didn’t hear? Wash went to Canada to become a girl!”


“Yeah, he got the operation!!”

“You’re telling me Wash went to Canada and they cut his dick off???”


“Holy shit …”

Several months later, Wash was in town on family business and stopped by the rat hole where we lifted. I had the chance to spend about ten minutes talking to him. There was absolutely zero doubt in my mind that the person I was talking to was a woman. Not “a guy in a dress,” not “a guy who got his dick cut off.” A woman. Absolutely and positively. I didn’t pretend to understand it – I still don’t to this day – but Wash was absolutely a woman. A woman who, because of some cosmic fuckup, fell to earth into the body of a man.

While I’m happy to reblog this I’m not happy with “or unfollow me” ultimatums. Stop doing that. It’s not only silly, it creates more epistemic closure.

Awesome story by @instructor144. It nicely illustrates the point that it’s not anyone else’s business about how someone identifies. You can’t even say “I don’t want to hook up with someone who’s transgender” because, seriously, would that really be the only reason why? Given the old maxim that there are ten thousand reasons to say no and you only need one, would that really be the dealbreaker?

Same for blocking someone who won’t unfollow you if they don’t reblog your editorial. Would that really be the dealbreaker?

And is it really so easy?

I know some folks who’s long-time spouses not only came out but transitioned. It wasn’t much fun for them, since they’d built their lives around their relationship. So unless the admonition includes “unless they’re your intimate/domestic partner and you’re not oriented to their new identity” then the admonition is thoughtlessly brutal, isn’t it?

That said, I’ve always been ok when my friends have come out as trans. And therefore I appreciate just how non-breezy and grown-up-consequences a decision like that really is.