The big problem with eating pussy is that guys use it as a tool to get a girl wet for penetration instead of treating it like its own sex act that requires arousal beforehand. Like don’t go 0-oral pls. Kiss, tease, dirty talk, touch, make them NEED it first. You’ll save yourself time and tongue strain as well as giving them a wayyy better orgasm hello

Broadcast this everywhere.

Excellent point: a lot of us heard “lick it before you stick it” when we were too young to really appreciate what it means.  

Does mean: wet your fingers before you put them in your sweetie while making out and generally playing around.

Does not mean: use your tongue to get your sweetie wet enough to put your dick inside her.

Consider: when you ask for (or she offers) a blowjob it’s often to get you all the way off instead of just to get you ready for intercourse.  And so…

Consider: when she asks (or you offer) to eat her it’s often to get her all the way off instead of just to get her ready for intercourse.

Nothing wrong with sucking or licking as foreplay!  But foreplay is play.  Not a substitute for actual, you know, arousing your partner so you can get in and out as quickly as possible.