It makes things clench deep inside, imagining you taking me, I’d always have to be slick and readied for you, you would have to be careful, probably make me cum a couple times (oh darn); with each orgasm you would gain more access to my body, until you have fully seated yourself, let my body get used to that pleasurable uncomfortable invasion. Oh my god it hurts, this conquering, stretching of my body, but fuck, oh my god… FUCK!!! I’d do a little mini bump and grind, pressing down and grinding my clit against you, working towards yet another orgasm, so then you could finally let go and fuck me as you wished. Even well primed and readied by you… God I’d be so tight around you, this unaccustomed width, as my body welcomes you it also fights against your thick cock, gripping you like a silken fist, it would almost hurt you when you fucked me. But fuck it would hurt so good… Ruin me, ruin me for any other man… Leave your mark on me… Ruin me Baby…

Good Girls Love Good Innuendo © 2014✏

I think Good Girls who Love Good Innuendo can also be very good at the Direct Approach.  Very good!

Also hot.  Very hot.  Nice!