She lies just under the facade of proper. You know the girl I mean… The one that craves direction and control like the air she breathes, and exudes submissiveness from her pores like perfume, yet anyone that knows her would tell you she is the strongest woman they know. She is the one whose laughter brightens your day, but you always see just a bit of sadness in her eyes. She is the elegant lady that with the right words would turn into your eager, whimpering, wet mess. She is the girl that once she trusts you, will give of herself like nothing you’ve experienced before, because her need to please and serve comes from the deepest part of her being. Once released from her captivity, her desire and aching need to obey and endure for you will be insatiable, and there will never be a time when she does not crave your instruction and use. You will feel her soul in the sound of her moans, and the honesty beauty in her touch will etch itself on your heart.

daisies-in-thedark (via daisies-in-thedark)

It’s actually hard not to be strong out in the world.  You sort of have to be.

Letting go of that is sort of like slipping into a hot bath.  There might not be many people who could really live in a hot bath 24/7, nor would they care for a long hot soak at work, at their children’s school, in church, during a commute…

But oh to have a safe place to forget all that and let your cares slip away!

It’s the same with Lead/follow relationships like D/s, D/lg.  It’s not magic and it’s not a miracle.  It’s being willing to be there for someone, to create a space for her, so she can let go.  Like slipping into a hot bath.  If you want someone to submit to you be that person.

Now.  Does everyone want or need to Submit?  No, of course not.  Just like hot baths aren’t for everyone neither is Submission.  But those who are?  Yeah, be that person for them.

And just to extend the metaphor a bit further, “hot bath” means different things to different people.  Sometimes it’s all about the fizzy bath bombs, windups, and bubbles.  Sometimes it’s about elaborate rituals and maintenance.  Others it’s candles and scented bath oil.  Still others it’s scalding hot and coming out red as a lobster. Sometimes it’s only on weekends.  Sometimes it’s morning and evening and you’d take one at lunch if you could!

It’s like that with Following too.  Sometimes it’s about cutesy and little.  Sometimes it’s about order and discipline.  Sometimes it’s about pampering and sensation.  Others it’s about coming out as red as a lobster.  There’s no one way to Submit any more than there’s just one way to slip into a hot bath.  Some it’s every now and then, others it’s as much as possible.

If you’d be their lover though, be that person who can give them that.