She’s not here for your pleasure. She’s here for hers.



I love Bdsm. I love sex. I love to Dominate and take a strong, powerful woman and turn her into an obedient slut.

But I love doing all that because the person I’m doing that with, has
consented to that and they get something out of it, just as I do.

A woman who you don’t have a dynamic with is not a prop, a sexual
object, your submissive or anything less than a human being who deserves
to be treated as a peer unless consent is given to engage with her

Being Dominant doesn’t mean grabbing someone by the pussy because you
think you can. It means being able to control situations and people.
That also means being able to control yourself and treat others with
respect until someone consents to some other way of being treated.

Women don’t exist for the gratification of men’s sexual desires. They’re
here to explore life and find their place and purpose like everyone

She’s not here for your pleasure. She’s here for hers.

Most people realize that, sadly, some do not.

– Innermind

Oh, hadn’t you heard?

If both of you aren’t feeling satisfied, happy, and comfortable in your kink you’re doing it wrong.

To say “there is no should” is a little trite, but there’s sure as hell no “well, they should enjoy what I want to do so I’m doing it.”

Yes, some people’s kinks are vicarious and and the only pleasure they’re comfortable enjoying is their partner’s pleasure. But you know what? If that’s the case they’re still going to be eager and enthusiastic about doing it not just once but again and again.

If not? Then one or both of you are doing kink wrong. If you aren’t both thoroughly satisfied then you’re just being vanilla with hand prints.