As always I wish a lot more feminists recognised that reproductive rights is not only about the right to not have children, but also the right to have children

Access to abortion is important, but so is fighting forced sterilisation, which almost always targets marginalised groups, especially disabled women, trans women, poor women and women of colour (and lets not pretend that doesn’t factor into why the issue is looked over by more privileged feminists)

They are both issues of reproductive rights and bodily autonomy and you can not have one without the other

Name one credible feminist who’s ever clearly and consistently claimed activism for reproductive rights is exclusively the right not to have children?  This is not a trick question.  I’m sure you’ll find one.   But you won’t find very many at all.

Clue #1) Back in 1995 when none other than über “feminizai” and “shrill” pro-choicer Hillary Clinton was only the first lady…

Speaking more forcefully on human rights than any American dignitary has on Chinese soil, Hillary Rodham Clinton catalogued a devastating litany of abuse … China has been widely criticized for forcing women to be sterilized or have abortions as part of its policy of one child per family…
– New York Times, Sept. 5, 1995

Clue #3) It’s called “Planned Parenthood,” not “Never Parenthood.”

Clue #etc., etc., etc.

But otherwise, feminists and other reproductive-choice activists fight just as hard against forced abortions and sterilization in other countries as they fight against forced pregnancy in the Americas.

Because, again duh, the pro-choice position is about the freedom to choose rather than being forced.

So enough vague talk about “more feminists” not recognizing this.  Let’s name some names.  Then let’s email or call and ask them to explain if that’s really their position.