So here’s the scenario, Is it bad I purposely forced my ex to have sex with me and lose his virginity? I took the one thing he had that he couldn’t get back lol He was an obnoxious devout Christian with a purity ring so I wanted to take advantage of him the best way I could. I knew we wouldn’t last long term so I seduced him into bed at his parents house while they were on vacation visiting family. ???? He wanted to wait til marriage


Yes it’s bad. You should seriously look into therapy, you’ve obviously got some fairly pernicious mental health issues if you think that is “lol” worthy.

It’s worse.

He’ll feel bad till he “confesses” to one of his church elders. They’ll pay him on the back and say “the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak.” Because they have zero expectations of men’s sexual virtue.

Meanwhile the anon

  • Sexual assaulted what sounds like a minor.
  • Reinforced “obnoxious Christianity’s” narratives of evil “jezebels” who want to “take” men’s “precious bodily fluids.”
  • Freed the ex to commit similar assaults on pure and impure partners and ex partners.

I agree with @instructor144 that therapy would be a good idea for the anon. Most non-traumatized people don’t brag about shit like that. I mean look at how they framed the ask! Looking past the false bravado, the likely ages involved, and the fact they were with this “obnoxious Christian” long enough to call him their “ex” they probably ought to talk to someone who can get them some help.