So purvfection is back as worshipteengirls and he is posting real life pics of little girls with graphic captions. He also runs the blog pervpage. Report to the fbi tiplines and cybertips!



Please share and get as many people you know to post and report!!!!!!!!














I am so sick of this pedophile on tumblr.



Here’s the difference between D/Lg and pedophilia/ephebophilia from a bonafide D/Lg Daddy

1) D/Lg is a kink wherein adults who are competent and capable of consent reenact caregiver roles and tropes.  

2) Reenacting is profoundly different from actual experience.  When archaeologist Thor Heyerdahl was asked why he didn’t eat dried potatoes and lama meat when he attempted to cross the Atlantic his reply was “we’re trying to prove that ancient Peruvians could have made the trip, not that we’re ancient Peruvians.”  Similarly, while adults in D/Lg relationships recreate caregiver/child dynamics with their partners, they aren’t trying to be children nor do they want their partners to be children.

3) Revolutionary War WII reenactors like to dress up like revolutionary-war soldiers like to play with props and materials, sometimes like to dress and speak and even eat, sleep, camp, and march like revolutionary war soldiers.  But if one of them goes around the bend and starts throwing actual tea into Boston Harbor, or attacking the British, other re-enactors don’t say “wow, that’s really hardcore authentic,” they call the fucking police!  

4) Similarly, when D/Lg people run across pedophiles or ephebophiles they also notify the authorities!  Because unlike adult D/Lg Littles, actual children are not legally competent or legally capable of giving consent.  D/Lg is a power-exchange kink – children by-definition don’t have power and therefore can’t participate in power-exchange games – they can only be abused.  Because kink requires consent and because it requires power in order for power to be exchanged, pedophilia isn’t a kink.  

5) You know what to do.