So there is a girl who has joined my friend group and whenever she and I end up hanging out together with the group she hits on me and is very touchy feely. At one point she even decided to grope my breasts. I have told her that I’m not interested in her that way and she makes me uncomfortable when she does that. The problem is my friends will chime in and say I’m overreacting and she’s just kidding. I don’t think I am but maybe? I’m so confused and frustrated and angry.




If you feel like she’s violating your space, then you are not overreacting. And you need to make that clear to your friends, and to her. Not acceptable.


I just wanted to chime in a bit. If this new girl to the group was a guy, the young woman who wrote to you could easily say she’s being sexually harrassed and her friends are just sitting around thinking it is all good.

I know that is what you meant, and I apologize if I over stepped.

Exactly this. ^^^^ The fact that she’s female doesn’t make it any less sexual harassment.

Yup. Even in kink communities good boundaries make good acquaintances. (And it doesn’t even sound like the anon is talking about a kink community.) That goes for less intrusive behavior like touching someone’s face or hair, or calling someone “cutie pie.” Even if grabbing breasts was “no big deal” it would still be an invasion of personal space.