So, You Think You Want a Smart Sub?




“So You think You’d like to take on a really smart submissive? Are You up for it? Are You sure? Are You the Man for the job? Let’s look at this.

A really smart woman who also happens to crave submitting to her Dom (or being a slave to her Master) can be a bit of a challenge to handle. She certainly doesn’t mean to be, it’s just how she’s wired. She is probably in a position of power in her career where she’s used to taking charge, giving orders, making sure things are done just so. She’s used to assessing a situation, analyzing the problems presented and coming up with a satisfactory solution to getting the job done. She has a talent for seeing through the bullshit and getting to the heart of the matter.

Carry this over into her D/s relationship This smart woman will see right through the wannabe Dom. She has no patience for posers and impostors, she wants the real thing. She doesn’t suffer fools gladly, she likes smart, educated Men. She needs them. A wannabe dom will never get a handle on her, will never be able to control her, she will never respect him as she is able to see through his bluster and posturing. She recognizes someone who has learned to say all the right words and go through all the right motions but it’s all an act. She knows it. She won’t waste her time on these men. They will fall by the wayside.

So this narrows her options considerably. Only a really smart, naturally wired Dominant will do.
Oh, did You think the Dom made all the choices here? Oh hell no! Here’s the thing, she’s not the only one under consideration here. The Dom is too. She has expectations, needs and desires as does He. She has a set of requirements, as yet unspoken, that she will judge Him by. He will either measure up or He won’t and she’ll deal with that reality as it comes. But she will not settle.

So let’s say that she meets this Dom who fits all her requirements… He is smart, educated, witty, charming and most importantly a natural Alpha male. Is He up to the challenge of her? If He is used to more passive women He will certainly have his job cut out for Him and He may just want to move it along. However, if this is a scary smart (dare i say “geeky smart”) Dominant who thrives on a challenge then this thing just might work.

Be warned, she will not submit easily even though this is what she most desires. This Dom will have to be able to see inside her mind, slowly and carefully reaching in there and grasping control without her realizing it. Most do not realize the importance of mental domination and most are not capable of achieving it with the smart sub. It is a subtle and difficult thing to accomplish for the best of Doms. They have to be laser sharp, extremely observant, patient and masters of the mind fuck. This girl can see a mind fuck coming a mile away so for Him to achieve it with her is an amazing thing. If You want a smart subbie to respect You, get a good mind fuck in. Don’t let her see it coming, just go for it, spin her brain into chaos and bring her to her knees before she realizes what has happened. She will be stunned and speechless in the aftermath of it but she will also respect and admire any Man that can pull that over on her. This is a Man up to the challenge.

He must be patient and methodical in his approach to her. He must appreciate and value her intelligence and not be intimidated by it. He must continually try to improve Himself as her Master to be able to stay on top of her (pun not intended but hey, i’ll take it). He must be consistent with his discipline and punishment, unflappable under the most trying of circumstances (and believe me, she’ll “try” You without meaning to, it’s her nature). He must clearly state His intentions and needs, His “rules” if i may, and He’d better remember what He told this smart sub because she will remember everything He has said.

If this describes You dear Sirs, then perhaps You are up to the challenge. I guarantee You that if this sub is Yours, You will achieve a happiness and contentment that You did not realize possible. When this girl finds You worthy and submits to You and You alone, You will indeed be in possession of the rarest of treasures. She won’t be easily won but she will be worth the effort should You succeed. She will give You her all, heart, soul and body, completely. You will never want for more.

NOTE: this is written from my perspective as a heterosexual sub/slave. i am speaking from my perspective as a self proclaimed geeky smart woman who has found it difficult in the past to find a Master able to subdue and control me. i apologize to any Dommes & Mistresses out there who i may have offended. Again, this is my opinion, my experience. If it offends you then move it along, i can’t please everyone nor should i have to…“

Written by Brainchild (posted to Fetlife August 2013; must be a member to view.)


This is me 100%. My Daddy has had to be creative but it’s fun for us both!

I can’t speak for straight-up Doms of course but think this might be easier for Daddies, since no matter how Little they are when you’re one-on-one it’s hard not to want your Little to be all they can be.

The trick, though, isn’t to imagine that having a smart Sub or Little makes you a better person.  We’re talking living, breathing partners here, not goddamn tournament trophies.

Not to put too fine a point on it here but just as your Sub’s goal should be higher than surviving her relationship with you, your goal needs to be something higher than surviving your relationship with her!  

Smart Subs aren’t magic unicorns.  They’re people.  Just like you.