Gospel, dudes and dudettes!!

Big fucking hat’s off to whoever performed this, wrote this, filmed this, produced this, uploaded this, and posted this!  Because hell’s yes, “for every Jack there’s a Jill… and a Jack… and a Jill for Jill… and…”

You honestly have no idea who thinks you’re total catnip just the way you are.

And here’s the important part: of the roughly 4,000,000,000! adults in the world?  And you only need one.   But want to know a little secret?  The “magic” number isn’t one in a billion who’s perfect for you.  It’s not even one in a million!  Most people – people of all sizes, shapes, religions, politics, orientations, you name it, even in very small communities – still find life partners.

So call it closer to one in a thousand or so.

And yeah, yeah, if you’ve got your heart set on that one K-pop singer, or that one star named Jennifer or Chris then, yeah, guess what?  They might already be taken.  That happens!  But “2,473,393rd in line for Ryan” just isn’t the same thing as “unloved and unlovable” is it?

And hat’s off once again to whoever made this meme.  They’re awesome!