Sorry if some how i oftend you but i sow a post in ysa about another guy who has mess with his girlfriend pills so now she is pregnant. What do you think? He did it because he really wanted a kid something like that. I love your opinions and post that’s why I’m asking you. I think he did something terrible.


What. The actual. Fuck!! That is an absolutely monstrous thing to do!! If she carries the child to term, I would leave his insane ass and then bury his ass with a ruinous child support payment. Motherfucker! I’m speechless.

Hmmm. In the Aliens movie series what happens to monsters that implant their offspring in the bodies of their victims again?

Humans engage in sex for reproduction relatively infrequently compared to recreational sex. And some people eroticize reproductive sex or even turn it into a kink or fetish.

But what is the #1 rule for sex and kink? Any kind?


Fucking with anyone’s contraception is immoral, unethical, illegal, wrong, not cool, and really, genuinely monstrous.