plot twist: she’s a very freaky girl that you can bring home to momma

Yup.  That whole “you can’t bring home to mama” thing is mostly bullshit.  

And not to be too grumpy and parental (I’m a Daddy but also a dad) but since you can’t be friends with benefits without being friends, and since you can’t be fuck buddies without being buddies, if you can’t bring your FWB home to meet important people in your real-world life you might not be friends at all.

Here’s a little clue: friends usually get along better with one’s parents than we do.  Even when we really get along with our parents.  


You’ve got to give them a chance.  If you introduce them to each other as if you were ashamed of both?  That’s just going to make you look bad in both their eyes.

Trust yourself.  Chances are suspiciously high they both like you, and so chances are just as high they’ll like each other.

Milage varies, of course of course, but don’t keep everything on a closed track.