People on here postin in the gfd tags like having a d/s relationship is the only thing in life worth living for and their lifes purpose is to be a subservient piece of meat. Listen kink relationships are great and all but have you ever heard the ice cream truck during sex and both of you rush to put clothes on so you can go get a half/half vanilla chocolate soft serve? Because that’s my shit.Don’t get with somebody who sees sex as the ultimate use of your relationship. Get with somebody who impulsively wants a popsicle while balls deep

Well… yeah?  I mean, you can have sex pretty much any time during the day.  You’ve got a window of maybe 90 seconds to catch the %!#!# ice cream truck before it’s down the road. Who’s got a libido so fragile it can’t handle getting put on hold long enough to make a run for the ice cream truck?