spoiling a little who doesn’t do age-play


I decided to rewrite/repost from when my blog was active previously. I’m not into some of the typical little lovies like pacis, diapers, cartoons, etc, but I’m
still really comforted by little things. Thought I’d share some ideas if you know a little one like me…

– adult coloring book (beautifully detailed, intricate designs!) and a box of colored pencils or markers
– holding her in your lap to watch a movie she’s seen a million times and loves
– a pretty, yummy drink in an unnecessarily fancy cup
– rich, delicious finger foods (think cheesecake bites, strawberries, sliced cheese, mini-cupcakes, etc)
– your little’s favorite music
– something soft to cuddle when you’re not around like an over-sized sweatshirt, blanket, or stuffie (pre-hugged or worn by you, of course!)
– consistent bedtime with loving bedtime routines so your little looks forward to that special time with you
– set alarms on your phone to help your little with easy-to-forget daily
routines (like meds, bedtime, etc), then send a nice text/message reminder
– whispered growly “you are mine” when you’re out
– light touches and/or pulling your little close while out to reconnect
– forehead kisses with a hug
– ask what you can do for your little (sometimes it’s embarrassing to feel so needy!)
– cards/gifts via mail
– hand-delivering anything your little likes, plus kisses
– fold up your little for cuddles, arms tucked in, close and tight to you
– playing with your little’s hair while touching breasts, butt, anywhere
– play games together via phone, gaming system, in-person
– make up your own games/dares for each other
– initiate conversation. send a “thinking of you” message/text/email/pic. don’t always make the little start the convo, or they may believe you only think about them if they reach out to you.

What are your ideas/favorites?

This!  This is really nice!  Everybody’s different, and in kink nobody’s actually wrong long as you’re consensual and non-abusive.  Age play is wonderful, but my sweet spot isn’t so much age-regressing to little, or really even middle.  Instead it’s more adult who wants that feeling of coming home to Daddy from college, grad school, or work.  To create a retreat for restoration and recharging before going back out to take on the world again.

To remember the feeling of being little, not being little.  If that makes sense.

And the sort of things on this list just work, don’t they?