To me, ‘training’ is just a fancy way of saying ‘Let me teach you my preferences.’ It doesn’t require any degree of ceremony, nor does it come with paperwork. What it does, or should, come with is equal commitment to a goal – whatever that goal may be. It can be erotic, absolutely. And it can diminish a submissive if the end goal, or what you’re training toward, isn’t something they want. Transparency and commitment are key. Get on the same page, touch base often, and work together toward your goals – however that looks, with whatever degree of ceremony you desire.

Does ‘training’ need to be fresh and new for every relationship? Of course, because every person is unique. If you, as a dominant, have a set standard for behavior, make that clear from the get. If the submissive is on board, groovy! Let ‘training’ commence. If not, find things that work for both of you, and tailor your relationship growth to reflect what you both desire.

Perfect! “Traininf” is the BDSM way of saying “getting to know each other’s needs and wants, habits and limits.”

I’d just add that “training” goes both ways. While you’re being trained to be with your Dom, they’re training themself to be with you.

I think there probably are Doms so new or fragile there really is only their way or the highway. But most get that you’re a person, not a pair of shoes or a puppy.

(Even if it pleases you both very much to pretend otherwise.)