1. A woman’s submission is given, NEVER asked for.
  2. A Man should be honoured to be even thought of as her Dominant
  3. Her submission means that she trusts you beyond what you could ever imagine
  4. You should honour and cherish her for all she has given you. After all, without a submissive, a man is just a man, the sub makes the Dominant.
  5. NEVER take her beyond what she is capable of, anything beyond what she wishes is abuse.
  6. SHE trusted You, TRUST HER!
  7. SHE is a woman, a Lady, treat her a such, show her affection. KISS her and let her know what she means to you.
  8. YOU are her guardian, take that job seriously, because if you don’t, someone else will.


Just a hetero too here but there are some awesome Submissive men out there and seriously righteous Dominant women. Point being that Dom And Sub are kinks, not sexes and definitely not genders.

Awesome list though. Especially #1! It’s not true that “Submission is a gift,” it’s an agreement and an understanding. It sure ain’t a right or entitlement and it sure as hell isnt irrevocable.