A finally quiet mind ….

I’m a soft Daddy, not a Daddy Dom.  So I have roughly zero interest in making rules or making up punishments.  But because I’m a Daddy I also get that spanking isn’t always about punishment.  Sometimes it’s for fun.  Sometimes it’s for catharsis.  And sometimes, as @submissive-seeking says, it helps quiet some people’s minds.

I might be a soft Daddy, and I might not be much of a Dom, but for the right masochist I can be a very cheerful sadist on the side.  So…

  • Not into spanking at all?  No problem.  Let’s make out for hours and then try not to wake the neighbors.
  • Into spanking for sensation play?  Sweet!  Come lie across my lap, kittycat.
  • Into spanking during roleplay?  Nice!  Bring me a ruler and bend over the desk!
  • Into spanking because that’s what you really need?  Thank you for letting me know!  We won’t stop till you stop counting, ok?

Mmmm, spanking for all the right reasons but none of the wrong ones!