A pic from my work. That’s a vic with a shattered ankle being lifted to my “office” in an apparatus we nicknamed the screamer. The vic was at the bottom of a canyon. That’s my line of work – medical rescue. My medical specialty is trauma. My rescue work focused on wilderness rescue, but we rescued plenty of MVA, GSW, etc. too. The USAF trained me well.

Why am I telling you this? Because I’ve received one too many unsolicited messages from “traditionalist” bloggers decrying my decidely lacking feminity and submissiveness. And I wanted to point out to these “helpful” folk that no one, not wounded troops nor drunk hunters, ever gave a flying fuck what was between my legs. And every single one was happy to see me! Like, really, really happy. And one day, you might be happy too!

To the “traditionlist” community, my life in no way undermines yours. My submission has nothing to do with you. And I’m happily married because He makes me happy. His gender is irrelevant; He is my soulmate – I’d have recognized His soul in any body. His rockin’ hard bod was just a bonus! I submit to Him because I’m submissive and He’s a Dominant that earns my submission every damned day. NOT because He has a dick and I don’t. I bake and cook because it’s fun. The same reason I run far and rock climb.

I’ve spent my entire life pissing off “feminists” and “traditionalists” alike. Both often accusing me of harming, betraying women, men, marriage, kink, God, Jesus, etc.

Maybe ya’ll can form some kind of support group for each other.

As for me, I will continue to support your choices for your life, even if you don’t support mine

Time for a reblog ….

My finger’s tired from blocking folks today!

Seriously, where do all these so called “dominant” traditionalist men get all the time to not only run their own marriages but mine too?

Our genders are really irrelevant. For me, @cherished-property wisely wrote, Power Exchange is our orientation. Our D/s centered marriage is the happy union of two souls.

The next time you feel the urge to “save” me from myself, please just sit and take a few deep breaths…. I’m sure it’ll pass.

People, if my mere existence is a threat to your D/s, you got way bigger issues than me.

My D/s may not look like yours, and that’s okay.

Seriously, give that support group idea a try…

My D/s may not look like yours, and that’s okay.
– @submissive-seeking

Everything.  But especially that!