I know that I’ve put this out here before but I’d love to see more responses. 

This qualifies as kink?

Okay, if you say so….

Yes we have. It’s hot as fuck! Getting myself off watching my favorite IRL pornstar as He’s getting off on me? What’s not to love?

I’m in expert hands, giving Him a command performance, naked and exposed to Him as He strokes and moans and whispers filthy encouragements to me …..

I get the visuals, His pleasure, submission service needs tended to, and a rocking orgasm on command all while He simultaneously strokes my fragile body image ego!


DUH !!!

*** watching a partner masturbate is one of the best ways to learn them btw

An excellent reminder that we’re still emerging not from vanilla culture (vanilla people can be pretty cool) but from what I like to call “missionary culture.”  Missionary culture – brought to us by the same twisted Victorians who popularized virtually all our tropes for BDSM as well – is a severe rule-based, orgasm-denial, impregnation kink where sex is strictly limited to infrequent, silent PIV intercourse, in the dark, only till the man ejaculates, and ideally only often as needed for pregnancy.

In missionary culture, which fancies itself to be “normal” and “mainstream,” anything else is a boundary issue.  

The difference between missionary kink and missionary culture is that in kink the rules apply only to you.  In missionary culture you want the rules to apply to everyone else!

Since at least the turn of the present century gay and straight vanilla partners have been having oral sex, sex in multiple positions, sex with the lights on, anal sex, light spanking, light bondage, roleplaying, mutual exhibitionism, and, of course, mutual masturbation.

But because we still live in missionary culture those utterly vanilla practices are often referred to as “kinks.”  But ahahaha, yeah, missionary propaganda notwithstanding, they’re not kinks.  They’re perfectly normal.  And therefore perfectly vanilla.

Vanilla’s hot.  Missionary’s… not.