Tomorrow I turn 53 and I recognize it may very well be my last birthday.

My best friend is my Sadistic Dominant Hubby of 30+ years. And now he gets to do what @instructor144 calls “wolf shit.”

He gets to sit with me and be helpless against the cancer working overtime to kill me. I see his utter frustration at being unable to Dom His way through this. Helpless where I’m concerned is not a feeling He has a skillset for.

Birthday weekends are usually spent up at our cabin and trekking into Desolation Wilderness. But Monday’s infusion means my spirit is willing, but not the rest of me.

So, for now, we adapt and go easy so I can be ready for the next round of treatment.

Sometimes Dominance is the act of adapting to circumstances you can’t control.

Love is doing it willingly with grace and a smile.

This is more important than anything.  Anything!

Hat’s off and hearts out to @submissive-seeking and her partner!  Two good people facing really a really hard time.