if you call women “females” i automatically do not trust or like you

you really wont like the military then buddy

jokes on you, i already hate the military

I guess you’re against aliens as well? Because, if there is a race that thinks they’re more advanced, they will definitely call us Human Males and Human Females

this is the weirdest response so far, thanks

Yeah.  If you call women “females” there’s something wrong.  With you.  Especially if you call men “men.”  

I remember hearing a mall rent-a-cop telling a reporter that a shoplifter had run into “the female’s restroom.”  While standing in front of the door clearly marked “women’s room.”  

You can say “you won’t like the military” or “you won’t like prison” or “you won’t like the misogynist, heterophobic, eww-girl-cooties boyz-only treehouse in Jimmy’s back yard.”  Or, I guess, an alien race. ????  But that just means there’s something wrong with them too.