It’s hard to take a blog seriously if masturbate is spelled wrong in the title!
Masterbate? Mastrubate? Mastubate? Actual examples!

Also confusing breath/breathe. Get it together people.

Honestly, anything spelled wrong is a turn off lol…

Or if you call yourself a “dominate man.” I’m sorry. No.

Note to self for next round of alternate sadism with @tangledupheart.  Once bound securely, edit her next writing to include common typos, grammar and syntax errors as well as text speak.  Consider possible escalation scenarios, including amateurishly pretentious misuse of overly formal language,  referring to herself in the third person and unintelligible D/s slash references.  Once complete, force her to post revised writing. 


Ahahaha!  @saberpoint​ for the win!

Good spelling and grammar are good.  Typos are regrettable.  (Or, for those who dislike “passive construction,” typos are to be regretted. ???? )

But you know what else is good?  A lover who’s so wound up she can’t word good.  Who’s so aroused her phone is shaking in her hands.  Who’s so close to coming the last thing she has on her mind is primly backspacing to correct her typos…

Don’t get me wrong.  I can think of a couple of ways to use real-time Clerical Pre-Employment Assessment test results, especially in teacher/student or other power-gradient play.  And it really is far better to know the rules but be momentarily incapable of following them.

But, really, long as we’re being picky, I assume anyone who types intentionally “cum” probably also spells love “luv.” and probably uses “RU” and “4U.”  Anyone who types “moar” should get less.  And if we’re gonna be really strict, what’s to be done about the epidemic use of the singular “you?!?!?!”

Hahah.  Actually, fuck all that.  Instead always do your best.  But also do your best not to be classist, racist, nativist, ableist, age-ist, or, especially, too-distracted-by-lust-to-type-well-ist.

(Extra credit for everyone who correctly identifies all 21 grammar, syntax, and spelling errors in this post.)