Unfriendly, in your face reminder that there are straight trans people and they do not have to tell you they’re trans in order to be included in the community. See a “het couple” at pride?? Shut the fuck up about it. They could be bi, pan, trans, etc etc.

Asking someone to disclose if they’re trans is rude as fuck. Don’t do it. You are NOT entitled to know someone’s sexual orientation or assigned at birth gender.

Ways to tell if somebody doesn’t belong at Pride:

1) they’re harassing the other people there

2) they’re in acute medical distress, in which case they belong at a hospital instead, and can come back to Pride when they feel better

…that’s about all I can think of, really.

Yup.  Stereotypes work all ways.  Not just predictable/negative ones.

Stereotypes and expectations notwithstanding, unless you’re in a relationship with them, or unless they happen to mention it to you, chances are most of the gay and trans people you know?  You’d never know.

Therefore?  What tatterdemalionamberite said: Unless they’re harassing other people or unless they’re in medical distress?  It’s probably not for you to say who does or doesn’t belong.