Tell me a bedtime story, daddy?

Daddy: once there was a little girl walking through the forest to see her grandmother. She stumbled into a mouse being chased by a cat, being chased by a dog. The little girl thought it was strange,but kept walking.
Daddy: the little girl looked back and saw a raccoon chasing the dog. She was confused, but continued walking. She looked back again and saw a–
Daddy: …uh, a giant squid chasing the raccoon. Chasing the giant squid was an elderly Japanese man.
Me: *giggling* he wanted calamari!!
Daddy: *laughing* the old man fried up the giant squid and ate his calamari. All of a sudden, something started chasing him. It was a–
Daddy: …uhh, a gianter squid…
Me: the man ate her baby and she wants REVENGE!
Daddy: …this is not a bedtime story anymore.

Well, technically it is a bedtime story. The kind that’s gonna give DADDY nightmares, pumpkin! Corner!