That’s “A” Daddy, not “the” Daddy, or “Your” Daddy.

So… I’m a Daddy.  That’s a kink.  Sort of like kinks people have for bondage, or shoes, or felching (don’t look that up) or whatever.

It would be a little odd if my kink was, say, fur suiting and I wanted everyone call me “Furry.”  Or if I was into emetophilia (don’t look that up either) and insisted my partners called me “Barfie.”

So it would be weird that just because I have a Daddy kink I’d insist that anyone call me “Daddy.”  Especially if we weren’t pretty well into a relationship.  Especially if we’d just met and weren’t likely to be in any sort of relationship at all.

Now if you wanted to you could call me “Daddy” as a term of endearment.  And if we were in a relationship it would be very sweet if you felt comfortable using it.  But if you didn’t that would be fine too.  And if we weren’t in a relationship?  My given name works pretty well.

Note: Being into fur suiting (although many object to being confused with furries, and vice versa) is great.  And if that’s your kink then it’s totally cool getting off on barfing, shoes, latex, bondage, or any other kink with consenting/consent-able partner(s.)  And I sincerely hope there’s nothing wrong with having a Daddy kink either.