That’s Men and Women, not Males and Females, OK?

Just so you know there’s only one single instance where it’s ok to use “male” and “female” as a noun to specify an individual or group of individuals or whole fucking class of individuals:

1) When you’re referencing a corporeal body type in the context of gender fluidity.

That’s it.

OK: “The woman, Marge, now has a female body.” “The man, Jorge, was born with male genitals.”

OK…ish…sorta: “He pounded his male member into her humid womanhood.” “She filled the room with the heady aroma of female arousal.”

Bad: “Looking for females for hawt submissive sex.”  “No males allowed.”

Very bad: “There were men and females in the sex shop.”  “I’m a hot, horny woman and I want a male to satisfy me.”

Fucking stupid: “Male nurse” “Female bodyguard” “Male nanny” “Female justice of the Supreme Court.”

Just… yeah… if you have a reason to refer to human beings by sex it’s “men” and “women.”  Because men and women are human beings.  “Males” and “females” are things.  Like pipe fittings.