The Disparity of Humiliation


Humiliation is a statement about how willing I am to debase myself for him. It’s about the contrast with who I otherwise am. I don’t get wet when he calls me a worthless cumslut because I believe I am lacking value, I get wet when he calls me a worthless cumslut because he’s pointing out to me how low I am willing to go for him. He knows I’m an accomplished woman, worthy of being treasured, and that it’s only for him that I will lower myself to ‘’worthless’’ cumslut in order to please.

When drool drips down my chin, when I spread my ass open to his gaze, and when I perform acts for him I can barely speak, they are statements about the lengths I will go to for his pleasure. These moments recognize the disparity between the me that belongs to the rest of the world, and the me that belongs to him

Took me the longest time to understand humiliation and degredation kink.  This explanation is just so fucking awesome!  Big hat’s off to @pleasurewhore for putting it so well!

(I know this might not be why it works for everyone.  And tbh I’m not sure what motivates tops.  But understanding it this way makes it very easy for me to play along.  (Even though afterwards I always need the cuddling and reassurance parts afterwards as much or more than she might! ???? )