The problem with the self righteous: they’re as fucked up as the rest of us, they just try and cover it up because they can’t take the self loathing.

Worse, they often try and cover it up from themselves, which leads to closeting.  And I’m serious as a heart attack that there’s genuinely nothing more hazardous to society than someone who’s closeting and trying to pass for “normal.”

I mean, OMG!  Just a for instance, Dan Savage has said do you know any out gay people?  They’re boring as hell!  Closeted gay people though?  Westborough Baptist Church?  Roy Cohn?  Ted Haggard?  Seemingly half the Catholic hierarchy?  Jim Bakker?  Mike Pence? Neil Gorsuch?  And that’s just closeted self-righteous gay people!  And that’s just a for-instance.  There are all sorts of other closets to be self-righteous about.

They act self-righteous because they don’t want anyone to know… what, more often than not, nobody would give a tinker’s damn about it they just went ahead and did it.  Except maybe other self-righteous people.  Rinse and repeat.