The Ties that Free



I do not want to own you,

Just to take pleasure in your presence.

I do not want to posses you;

I want to watch you posses yourself.

I do not want to control you;

But I will happily take your hand,

Or lend my own.

Same goes for my heart.

I do not want to fix you,

Because I know you are not broken,

Even if you think you are.

But I will hold this Knowing for you,

Like a loving mirror, reflecting the truth

Until you see it as yourself.

I’m not here to distract you, or fill the hollow places,

Because I know only you can do that for yourself.

But I will provide courage and comfort and

I will be your champion

And your biggest fan.

I will keep you safe,

And you will keep me safe,

Because that’s the only way it really works.

I will not be dependent on you,

Or co-dependent with you,

But I will be your partner in crime,

All the damn time, thick or thin, with a wicked grin,

Come hell or high water.

Maybe it isn’t what you want to hear, but

One thing all this pain has made perfectly clear:

Two halves make a whole lot of wreckage,

But two wholes make a real relationship.

~The Mystical Lion

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Nobody’s perfect.  Certainly not me.  But this?  As much as one human being can for another?  Yes.