– (the man): This is beautiful.

– (the beast inside): Rip it off, and eat her!!

– (the man) : Ugh, can’t we just appreciate this sight for a second?

– (the beast inside) : You haven’t seen the true beauty yet, bury your mouth between her legs and eat her up, until she can’t take it no more, you can still appreciate her beauty after that.

– (the man) Ok.

– Baby, come here.

An older, experienced gentleman knows that unless they’re made for the purpose, prepared for the purpose, or really, really worn, good lace undies are as sturdy and hard to tear as dental floss… and as likely to leave cuts if you do get them to rip!  Plus they’re expensive as hell compared to a 3-pack of men’s tighty-whities, and often a hell of a lot harder to replace.

And therefore an older, experienced gentleman knows to keep hand firmly on the collar of his inner beast… if only until those cute little panties are safely on the floor.  Right, ridinghood?