PSA: Even if you identify as a brat, you still have to respect your partners’ boundaries.

Big hat’s off to everyone who reposts this.  And a huge round of applause for everyone who gets this!  

I happen to think a little brattiness is adorable.  But that’s because I appreciate brattiness.  Which, as part of a game, has its rules.  For instance there’s that moment where a brat finally crosses their Daddy or Dom’s line and next think they know they’re bent over getting their bottom warmed.

But crossing the line in kink play is one thing.  

Crossing boundaries though?  That’s a whole nother can of corn.

Whether you identify as a Dom or Sub, as a Daddy or Little, as a Slave or Master, as a sadist or masochist, or as a brat?  You still have to respect your partners’ boundaries.  

If you can’t respect boundaries it stops being kink, and becomes abuse.  Even if you’re not a top.