There is nothing wrongth with fetishizing. Like, are you retarded ? How do you think certain things thrive like ???


first of all is it fucking 2008 are we still saying retarded, are we also gonna call bad things gay now like holy shit my man 

second of all, you think I don’t struggle with this shit?? you think I want my bloodline and who I am as a latina reduced to sexualization? fetishizing doesn’t just affect you jerking off it affects me walking down the street and getting yelled at about my fat latina ass. you think the fetishization of asian women as submissive doesn’t affect them in real life? I hate to burst your bubble buddy but fetishization is NOT a bubble, it is real life with real life consequences. I know all about thriving, here I am perpetuating it for me and my people by advertising my fat latina ass and my ability to speak spanish and that feisty bullshit because it makes me more money to be a sexy latina. I do that to survive, but in doing that I hurt other latinas. I have to live with that. 

the fact you believe there’s nothing wrong with fetishization disregards the fact that it affects real life, real women you see in the grocery store, in the bank, in your college classes. it doesn’t just stop when you’ve filled your sock and shut your laptop. it creates stereotypes that are so, so harmful. you ignorant fucking idiot, I really am sitting here just laughing with pure astonishment at how shallow and thoughtless you are, the lack of consideration lmao you fucking dumbass you’re the reason everyone asks me to speak spanish in bed and assume I’m always horny and that I’m some ghetto bitch with huge hoop earrings and a fat ass that you can take at anytime you are part of making that my life and you just have no idea lmao you blind fucking idiot wow man 

“There is nothing wrongth with fetishizing. Like, are you retarded ?” 

Might be better ways to express one’s subversive, ironic intersectional defense of ethnic or identity fetishization than calling someone a “retard.”

Nice use of the non-word “wrongth” in a sentence though.