Things A Potential Daddy Should Not Do…




1. Push you to do things before you are ready.

He should always want you to be comfortable about playing with him, sending him nudes, or anything else within your relationship. Your comfort first.

2. Ask you to call him Daddy.

This is a title that you give him when you are ready. When you feel a shining and intense trust and sense of safety, it may be time to offer Him your submission, and ask him to be your Daddy. Before that, he has not earned the title.

3. Call you pet names.

This also is on your timetable. Once again, you should wait till you feel safe and trusting of someone before they get to call you little girl, sweet pea, babydoll, or anything of the like.

You are in control of these things little ones. Any Daddy who knows that is one to pay attention to. The ones who don’t… let them know and teach them. The ones who don’t care… put them in the rearview. ????

Title must be earned. Cant just demand something that wasnt earned.


Good short set of do’s and don’ts for Daddies!

Even shorter?  Who gets to choose?  The person who asks or the person who’s asked?  Answer: the person who’s asked.

The shorter version works both ways!  Don’t push, don’t call them Daddy or pet names till you’re ready, don’t let them call you Daddy or pet names till you’re ready.  Because sometimes it’s Daddies but sometimes it’s Littles who try and jump ahead, huh?