This is probably old news but I feel like the person who keeps sending you those “most women get way more pleasure from a vibrator than a penis” is doing it to fulfill a humiliation kink :/


Well, heck, if they’d just asked, I’d tell them all about how worthless their penis is!  I’m happy to do that!  But I don’t take well to people trying to trick others into fulfilling their kink.

Alternately: women get wayyy more peak excitement from carnival rides than from slow, dirty dancing with us. Yet somehow we haven’t all been replaced by carnival rides!

Ugh! Never underestimate men’s insecurity about penises! Or their conviction that something, anything, would please women more. It drives everything from racism to obsessions with virginity to “overcompensate” with guns and big trucks.

And it’s our thing, guys. When women are dissatisfied with their partners it’s practically never because of our dicks.